::: Calligrafia in movimenti, condizioni, scritture ::: Kaligrafie v pohybu, podmínky, psané záznamy ::: Calligraphie dans les mouvements, conditions, écrits ::: Calligraphy in gestures, conditions, writings ::: Caligrafía en movimientos, condiciones, escrituras ::: Kalligraphie in Gesten, Bedigungen, Schreiben


             Tommasina Bianca Squadrito

            She working on a calligraphy without writing through movement, poetry, installations and                  performances that queries the environment and the people involved.

            She born in Palermo, studied Sculpture to the Fine Art Academy of Palermo and Philosophy               to Florence’s University and studied Aesthetics with Art critic E. Migliorini.
1989    Grant: The art how fact of the chronicle, teacher Remo Guidieri, S.Orsola Benincasa
            Institut  Naple University
1998    Course of Improvement: Psychiatry and art in the theatre of the soul, Sector Mental Ealth,
            Usl 6 Palermo
2018    Ficarra Academy of fine arts Award

            She is part of UVUO - Union visual artists Olomouc (Czechland); cultural association
            Vicolo Luvi; editorial staff of the literary magazine's Stories Luvi
            About: R. Caruso, P. Catania, L. Danek, C. Meli, G. Pasciuta, N. Troja, M. Trizuljak
            Reviews have appeared in Women Read Ferrara, L’Ora, Mezzocielo, I racconti di                            Luvi Palermo
            A profile by Nuccio Lo Castro appeared on Paleokastro N° 6 2001
            The works Stellario and Traces of angels of Andrey Rublev Trinity are in Philosophical                  studies Centre Abba School, Rome
            Syntesis folio in Mary Centre, Grottaferrata, Rome
            The studies on Maria Zambrano in Zambrano Foundation, Malaga, Spain
            Ellequadro Archive
            Garrera Archive

              Solo Exhibition

2019      Here, here, there, there. Notes from out place Zona Franca Palermo
2011      Retrospective and Maria Zambrano station video Artus Gallery Kromeriz Czechland
2010      Woods  Art Studio Ginestrelle Assisi
2006      Vibrato sea her  Sea’s Gallery Palermo
              Sssh…  Agorà Gallery Palermo
2004      Out of railway Tomasi of Lampedusa Literary Park  Palermo
2003      Caravans of lost people Ancient Abbey of Frazzano Messina
1998      Bandage for AntigonePensamiento  Calligraphies on the work of Maria Zambrano
              Townhall Library Silvi M.(TE)

              Collaborative Project

2011      Living Spaces by Galerie G  Olomouc  Czechland Modo Udine and Starkmacher                              Mannheim Germany
2004      Mesto pro Cloveka - Una città per l'uomo  http://www.mistoprocloveka.cz/ 
2003      Living between - Interaction man-house-cosmos Scientific Committee and logo  for  
              European Project Palermo - Madrid - Porto


2017-16 Asemic Writing Exhibition by Francesco Aprile, Cristiano Caggiula, Elisa Carella
              Archeological Park Scolacium, Roccelletta di Borgia CZ
2016      Intuicion estetica, Wild accents video and sheets, curated by Michael Jacobson, Centro                    Cultural Casa Baltazar, Cordoba, Mexico
2015      Sheet from Dispersed peoples for Instrumental and innocent asymmetries by Nuccio
              Lo Castro  Lipari Palace  Reitano ME
              Score for Asemic writing show  the Spiral  Malta
2014      Asemic Show curated by Michael Jacobson, Atelier, Rijeka, Croatia
2013      Camico. A wild Language Two paper in Art Showroom Merlino Bottega d'arte and 
              Art-Expertise Florence
              DonnArtista Art-Expertise Florence
2012      Asemic writing from memory_ Caravaggio's Nativity  Oratory of S. Lorenzo Gallery
2011      What would you like to refine on?  For Living Spaces  Augustinian monastery of
              Sternberk Czechland
              Artour-o Firenze by Ellequadro Documents Genova
2010      Experimental artS. Mattia dei Crociferi by Garage Gallery and Byotos Palermo
2009      On the Transparency by Galerie G and Cultural Association La Ginestra  Sismondo                          Castle Rimini
              The Art Box-I, the others Book Fair at Italo Calvino Civic Library Torino
2008      Endless walks New Rinascimento Gallery  Osimo AN
              New Churches Exhibition of the projects for the Competition C.E.I. 1 Hall Gallery, Rome
2006      Civic Tower  Recanati, MC 
2005      Biblioteca Comunale Staranzano Gorizia - Memefest Berlino Lubjana
2004      Misto pro Cloveka by Galerie G and La Ginestra 
              Icarch Gallery Chicago, U.S.A. -  Galerie G Olomouc Czechland - Cantieri Culturali alla 
              Zisa Palermo - Materiali Immagini Cultural Center Macerata
2003      Koiné Visual Art Apricena, Foggia - Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa Palermo - Europalia 
             Galerie G Olomouc, Czechland- Icarch Gallery Chicago, U.S.A.
2001     An angel touchs the ground, often for What space for humanity? By Anghelos cultural 
             Association Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa Palermo http://bit.ly/1nRFqSF 
2000     Spasimo Center Palermo - Amazon Center Palermo
1999     Galassia Gutenberg Napoli
1998     Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa Palermo
1997     Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa Palermo
1992     Prati Gallery Palermo


2018    Beside, installation of asemic sheets and performance with Eva Geraci, flute Valdese 
            Church of Palermo
2011    What would you like to refine on? Augustinian monastery of Sternberk Czechland
            for Living Spaces http://on.fb.me/1SlPpLi
2010    I was crossing thin blue   Industrial street Rocca di Caprileone ME
2008    A restless handrail   2° Contract Street Building Palermo
2001    An angel touch the ground, often   Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa Palermo
1992    Will of pronunciation, Word understanding   Prati Gallery Palermo

2019 Camico - A wild language the related video and the worked sheets were proposed, with a
stage set-up, Eva Geraci on flute, Giovanna Cossu, Sabina De Pasquale, actresses at Nuvole,
art meetings, Palermo.
2015    For EGT parts. Sheets, performance, sounds with EGT Group (Eva Geraci, Giovanna 
            Cossu, Tommasina Bianca Squadrito) for Inside the urban soul, Cantieri Culturali alla
            Zisa Palermo
2014    For EGT parts. Sheets, performance, sounds with EGT Group (Eva Geraci, Giovanna
            Cossu, Tommasina Bianca Squadrito) Alto Fest  Naples https://tinyurl.com/ycjsqzr5
2011    What would you like to refine on? City of Sternberk  Czechland for Living Spaces  
2007    Nuvole. Casa  India Theatre Roma. The Candelai Space Palermo. Fire Theatre Foggia                      Miela Theatre Trieste  https://tinyurl.com/y9brmk2c
2006    Feel to places  Teatro Libero Palermo
2005    A state of necessity  Teatro Libero Palermo
2004    Open with Jean Marc Montera Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa Palermo
            Out of railway  Scores with double bass Lelio Giannetto Tomasi of Lampedusa Literary
            Park  Palermo
2003-04 Civitas Dei  Galerie G  Olomouc  Czechland
2002    Ink’s sound Palermo Firenze Foggia
            Feel to place Streets of Palermo
2000    Ink’s sound  Amazon Center Palermo, Fire’s Theatre Foggia
1997    Anatomie with Virgilio Sieni choreographer Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa Palermo


2001       Camico. A wild language  D.A.R.S. Award Udine
1992       Will of pronunciation  signalled for Woman Island Prize Palermo
1987       State of necessity  La Luna Award Palermo


2019       Asemic Womer Writers online Exhibit Winter https://bit.ly/2Yq0KAF
               National Poetry Month Canada https://bit.ly/2ynx6BA
               Brave new word https://urly.it/31k7q  
               Asemic Women Writers Online Exhibit Summer https://bit.ly/2K28Hbd
2017       Stati a luogo in Ponte Bianco https://urly.it/31k7r
2016       Utsanga 7 http://www.utsanga.it/squadrito-nine-works/ 
                Slova Issue 15 http://tinyurl.com/gq27owa        
               Zoomoozophone revew 8  January 2016 http://tinyurl.com/zj4nk7q
2015       Asemic Issue 15 Adelaide (Australia) https://tinyurl.com/yb4776jh
               Instrumental and innocent asymmetries  Catalog by Nuccio Lo Castro
               Score for Asemic writing  Spiral  Malta  http://bit.ly/1PDnDES
2013       Calligraphic dock to the tidy city in Forfest https://www.forfest.cz/colloquy/312
               Résolution non standard in Runbook Des Paysages September
2011       A relationship of help  in  Forfest  Kromeriz  Czleland https://www.forfest.cz/colloquy/216
2010       Light Alphabet  in Gammm  http://tinyurl.com/zoz8ang
               There was someone looking at me https://tinyurl.com/y6va73q8
               International Contemporary Art Guide Art Studio Ginestrelle Assisi  
2009       Us in Forfest catalog Kromeriz  Czechland https://www.forfest.cz/colloquy/54
               On the Transparency Catalog Rimini
               Landscape adhesive for invalid documents in Runbook  Des Paysages November   
               Fenomen Svobody/Phenomenon of Freedom  Galerie G, Olomouc, Czechland
2008       S.Mary of the Carmelo Atripalda C.E.I. Competition in Casabella 75 issue
2007       Saladino Isle into I racconti di Luvi n° 8
2006       Q/Arto – UVUO Almanach  Olomouc Czeland  http://bit.ly/1Trrafs
2006-05  Camico. A wild language 1°, 2°, 3° part into I racconti di Luvi  n° 5-6-7  Palermo
2004       A women philosopher exile. Maria Zambrano  in Mezzocielo issue n° 5 Palermo
               Maria Zambrano. A live space into Misto pro CloveKa catalogue
                Shelters for Olomouc city into Misto pro Cloveka catalogue
2003       Medea Space  Pictures in  Medea, memory of blood  Città Aperta Ed.  Troina EN
2001       The Aurora of Maria Zambrano  article in Segno 221  Palermo
               Rooms and traces Pictures and report in Wich space for man? Exhibition’s catalog
               Clean Ed. Napoli
1999       Bandage for Antigone, Pensamiento  picture and work’s diary in From side of the
               scribe and the ink  for Antigone and female knowledge of the soul  Lavoro Ed. Roma
1991       Will of pronunciation poem in Woman-Island  Dharba Ed. Palermo-Spoleto
1988       Rhetoric writing. A clandestine line report in Women and writing Meeting papers
               La Luna Ed. Palermo


2016     Stati a luogo https://tinyurl.com/ydh3ukkx
2012     Maria Zambrano Station video performance with G. Cossu reading, E. Geraci flute, 
             L. Giannetto double bass Anghelos Study Center Palermo; Trame Bookshop        
             Bologna https://tinyurl.com/y7h5d8rq
2011     Maria Zambrano Station Forfest Kromeriz Czechland
2010     There was someone who looked me Garage Gallery Palermo
2008-07 Images for videoscenografy of Clouds. Home of J. Jelinek, direct and interpreted by M.                     Inversi, M G. Famulari violoncello, India Theatre Roma The Candelai Space Palermo                       Fire Theatre Foggia Miela Theatre Trieste http://tinyurl.com/z7mjvzk 
2002    Thought screen  Euroscreen 21 Hamminkeln Germany https://tinyurl.com/y8c29bys

             Web project
2013     Sia Rbaria Achidi
2010     Monitulipare


Eva Geraci flutist for Maria Zambrano Station 2011
Triscari-Liuzzo Architecture lab and Italia Fiorella ceramist for environmental installation I was crossing the thin blue located in Rocca di Caprileone Me 2010
Lelio Giannetto double bass player and Curva Minore association for Out of
railway 2004, Open 2004 and SSSH… 2006, Maria Zambrano Station 2011
Jean-Marc Montera guitarist for Open 2004
Fabio Alfano photographer for What space for humanity? 2001 and Living between - Interaction man-house-cosmos (Culture 2000-Program of the European Union) 2003
Centro Amazzone (Laboratory for Research on Cancer and Human Sciences) for Pentesilea Pharmacy 2000
Maria Inversi for the show I want be happy, today. Sabine Spielrein, Jung, Freud 1999 and Clouds. Home 2006, 2007
Natalya Kolyakanova (Teatro dell’Arte Mosca) for the scenography The reflected light 1998
Virgilio Sieni for the choreography The feeling of nothing and Anatomie  1997