::: Calligrafia in movimenti, condizioni, scritture ::: Kaligrafie v pohybu, podmínky, psané záznamy ::: Calligraphie dans les mouvements, conditions, écrits ::: Calligraphy in gestures, conditions, writings ::: Caligrafía en movimientos, condiciones, escrituras ::: Kalligraphie in Gesten, Bedigungen, Schreiben

Maria Zambrano projects




       Tommasina Squadrito for Maria Zambrano


1999  The Aurora of Maria Zambrano, Segno revue n° 221, January, Palermo
2004  A woman philosopher exile. Maria Zambrano into Mezzocielo 
      revue n° 5
      Maria Zambrano. An Alive space into Misto pro Cloveca  
      Catalogue, Brno, Czechland

1999  Pensamiento and work’s diary From side of the scribe and
      The ink in Antigone and female knowledge of the soul  
      Lavoro Press

1998  Bandage for AntigonePensamiento  handwriting sheets on
      the Maria Zambrano philosophy, Town Hall Library, Silvi M.
2001  Bandage for Antigone, Pensamiento to the Fire’s Theater, 
2011  Mary Zambrano Station  Artus Gallery  Kromeriz Czechland

1998  The creator sound to the Maria Zambrano Lectures, Town  
      Hall Library Silvi M. Teramo
2004  Maria Zambrano. An alive space to Misto pro Cloveca
      MeetingCivic Defender House, Brno, Czechland

2012  Maria Zambrano Station with reading of Giovanna Cossu,  
      video of the same name, live sound of Eva Geraci and
      Lelio Giannetto Anghelos Space  Palermo  Trame Library 
2012  From Chiari del bosco translation by Carlo Ferrucci 
      Garage Gallery Palermo
2011  Mary Zambrano station with sounds of Eva Geraci, flute
      and Lelio Giannetto, double-Bass, Forfest, Czechland 
2012  Mary Zambrano station with a reading of Giovanna Cossu   
      Trame Bookshop, Bologna

      biographic article
      www.mistoprocloveka.cz a critical article     
                    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_twBDBVFi4Q Maria Zambrano  
      Station video
      Zambrano Station  performance 

      Pensamiento, Bandage for Antigone and work’s diary From  
      the part of the scribe and the ink have been signalled to
      the University of Barcelona, Spain.
      The issue of the conference Antigone and the know female  
      of the soul with the my works are in Maria Zambrano
      Foundation, Malaga



Giovanna Cossu  Eve Geraci Lelio Giannetto Tommasina Squadrito

XXII Festival Forfest Czech Republic
Artus Gallery June 2011

Anghelos Communication Studies Center Via Pirandello, 40 Palermo
Thursday, January 19 2012, 9 p.m.

Trame Bookshop Gallery Via Goito 3/C Bologna
Friday, April 27 2012, 6 p.m.

The Video Station Maria Zambrano comes from a series of papers devoted to the thought of the Spanish philosopher Maria Zambrano(Velez-Malaga, 1904 - Madrid 1991)
which, Tommasina Squadrito through his Officina Patosq, has devoted several works continuing the project Calligraphy without writing of these years.
To Maria Zambrano is headed to the train station in Malaga and this suggestion by the idea of the video dedicated to the steps and the slender men, women, events, hours.

-- From there you can just leave, the arrivals are suspended and already it starts to split the inhabitants. The station has engulfed the city. You can reach the city on foot, by car, by plane, by sea, but the train did not arrive more trains. Even arrivals at airports, ports, by land are thinning. The city is no longer stable... and the sense of soil occupies unusual tones. --

The video was first presented in 2011, twenty years anniversary of the death of the philosopher, to the Artus Gallery for Forfest, contemporary music festival held annually in Kromeriz, Czech Republic.
Different forms of expression for a possible experience 'Aware' of art. 

For Kromeriz it is introduced by Marek Trizuljak.
For Palermo, is proposed with an improvisation on the flute of Eva Geraci and Lelio Giannetto, double bass, by a reading of certain texts of exile Zambrano by Giovanna Cossu and an introduction by Fabio Alfano.
For Bologna the video was accompanied by a reading of Giovanna Cossu and introduced by Cettina Stornante.

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